Past Events

Feb 2019 Techstyler x Lone Design Club – Redefining Luxury: Sustainability and Innovation in Fashion

Dec 2018  Techstyler x Bottletop Speaker Series – Designers Reshaping ‘Luxury’ Driven By Sustainability and Ethics

Nov 2018  Techstyler x Bottletop Speaker Series – Sustainability Driven by new Technologies – 3D Digital Design And Virtual Reality

Oct 2018  Techstyler x Bottletop Speaker Series – Biomaterials And Biodesign

Sep 2018 “A Fashion Revolution: the future of the industry and your wardrobe”

Sep 2018 Techstyler x Bottletop Speaker Series – Sustainable Materials For Design

Nov 2017  Ravensbourne University London “Entrepreneurship and Creative Careers” Workshop

Oct 2017 London College of Fashion “Innovations in Fashion Design and Manufacturing”

Jul 2017 Plexal launch event, Here East, London

Apr 2017 Village Fashion Tech Talk, London Mar 2018 Workspace, London “Rise of the Bots”

Mar 2017 The Bakery “IoT Inspiration”

Mar 2017, La Triennale di Milano, Salone d’Onore, Milan “Designers of What, When and Why”

Mar 2017 Domus Academy, Milan “Innovation in Design”

Mar 2017 King’s College, London BRIA Residency “Smart Textiles” 

Feb 2017 Workspace, London “Profiting from Innovation”  

Jan 2017, KPMG Shift 100 Awards, London 

Dec 2016  Ravensbourne University London “Entrepreneurship and Creative Careers” Workshop

Oct 2016 PI Apparel, Berlin “New Innovations in Fashion”

Oct 2016 London College of Fashion “Fashion Technology and Manufacturing”  

Oct 2016 King’s College, London  “Radiography and Fashion Design”

Jan 2016 Global Packaging Summit 2016, Brussels “Pathways to Innovation”

Jun 2016 London and Partners, London Technology Week Launch Event

May 2015  The University of Cambridge,  Judge Business School, “Entrepreneurship”

Feb 2015  The University of Coventry “The Future Is Creative: Trends and Innovation”

Oct 2014  Wired Next Generation, London

Oct 2014  CFE, Fashion/Technology Event, London

Jun 2014  FashTechLDN, London College of Fashion

May 2014 The Battery, San Francisco

Feb 2014 Guest Speaker, STEMettes, London

Apr 2013  TEDMED, Athens “How do Radiography and Knitwear Design Mix?

Feb 2013 Monocle 24 “The Entrepreneurs” London, “Interpretating Radiography into Fashion”  



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Knitwear Design

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