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Techstyler X BBLS

In a first of its kind initiative, Techstyler is working with creative agency BBLS to create a blueprint for sustainable fashion shoots, both in terms of methodology and product content.  The sustainable fashion editorial will be published during London Fashion Week, with accompanying icons and an article that explains the sustainability credentials and how it compares to a traditional fashion shoot.  Follow @techstyler and @bbls.concrete for more.


Study Hall

Techstyler is proud to be communications partner for the Study Hall Climate Positivity At Scale Conference, creating the official conference report within the context of the key themes of Fashion, Supply Chain and Workforce, Circularity, Technology and Climate and The power of the media.

Past Events

Future Fabrics Expo

Techstyler is proud to be communications partner for the 9th Future Fabrics Expo.   We will be writing the official expo report to disseminate the debate and insights shared during the two days of seminars at the expo, in the context of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Techstyler X DAI: Maximise & Monetise to a Sustainable Wardrobe in 2020

London Design Festival